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The Highland REKordings
1978 through 1988

Who Can Believe When the Rayguns Come? 7:55

An oblique electronic representation of the times (1976 - 1978) and the growth of conservative militarism embodied by the rise of Ronald Raegan and faith in hi-tech warfare. It was made with my ARP 2600, a mic, and a Revox A-77 half track tape recorder at The Highland in Somerville, MA across the street from the high school.  I still have the half-track master tape, but the A77 heads are shot, so this copy was recovered from a cassette tape perspicaciously preserved by my friend, Jerry Kelley.  Someday I will tranfer the master tape.

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Sudden Sunset   2:22

I stopped by Ken French's home studio one day and listened to some soundbeds he was working on. I noticed one drum track that fit with an instrumental of mine, Sudden Sunset.  I asked Ken to play only the drum track, and adjust the tempo up slightly.  I picked out a big sound on his synth keyboard (actually a layer of synths) and hit the record button.  After playing and recording the keys, we slowed it down a bit and recorded the bass part.  When I got done, Ken said "Wow, How do you do that, just improv a bass line from thin air?"  I have no idea how I do it; it is inherent, a talent, an instinct.  It feels very good when it is happening.
I wrote the piece in response to the death of John Belushi.


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Do Lord   0:55

A short multi-bounce, a cappella recording of a spiritual I learned at camp.  Count the parts!  Just a microphone and a tape recorder were used.

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Late Night @ The Highland   11:36

A multi-bounce, electronic improvisation from 1978.  I made it while watching the city from the large window in the studio room of my apartment at The Highland in Somerville, MA.  I use the Arp 2600, a microphone, an echoplex, a Sony quarter track and the Revox A77.  No razors were involved.

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My AFLAC Duck Audition

My AFLAC Duck Audition

MY AFLAC REJECTION LETTER - A Gentle Letdown and Promotional Ploy all-in-oneDear Friend,

From the desk of The Aflac Duck 

I want to thank you for taking the time to audition to be my voice. My vocabulary is too limited to find the words to personally tell how much it means to our company to have you participate in this important job search. Most people never give their dreams a chance and I applaud you for giving this job audition such tremendous energy and enthusiasm. Everyone at Aflac is truly amazed and humbled by the outpouring of talented people who want to represent us.The voice search team listened to over 12,500 online and in person auditions and has ultimately narrowed the selection down to 10 finalists.

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The Aflac Duck