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Original Troop 44 Old Timers' Reunion patch
Copryright 1983, James B Dutra

Troop 44 Old Timers

Serving and enjoying Camp Wildood nee Quinapoxet since 1983.

31 years and counting!

Click here to download the OTSONGS text file

The Troop 44 Old Timers' Songbook

  (The Expurgated Version)

A long time ago, in an apartment far, far away, two Old Timers sat before a Commodore 64 computer and entered all the lyrics of all the songs they recalled singing at Quinapoxet, yours and mine.  It became the official Troop 44 Old Timers' Reunion Songbook.

N.B - Only Old Timers bound in COOThood possess the unexpurgated version.

20th Reunion Patch (original artwork)
Copyright 2003, James B Dutra